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The Cojourn

June 22nd-July 7th


Reflect, recharge, and reconnect. The Cojourn is a leadership experience like no other! Join a small group of older campers for an intentional outdoor experience during this 16-day retreat.

Trip Overview

The Cojourn is our capstone camp experience for high school-age campers (15-18). Like all of our programs, the Cojourn celebrates creative outdoor play. Because it is geared toward an older and smaller group, participants are granted a lot of necessary freedom to make collective decisions about how the group will spend time together. You can count on a creative and varied blend of skill-building, games, participant-facilitated activities, outdoor exploration, conversation, consensus decision-making, and camaraderie. That said, how things play out will depend on the interests, goals, and personalities of the participants.


During this unique 16-day leadership-style retreat, participants will work together to design and lead their Cojourn experience. Our "home base" will be located at Crystalaire Adventures headquarters in Traverse City, but the details our our camping trip and daily activities will be collaboratively planned by Cojourn participants!


June 22nd-July 7th

Group Size

8-10 Campers

2+ Guides



(High School)



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Expedition Itinerary

Day 1

Participants will arrive at Moose Lodge, Crystalaire Adventures HQ, in Traverse City, MI. Once our full group has arrived, we'll celebrate the beginning of the Cojourn with a welcome ceremony. 

Days 2-15

In keeping with our choice-based learning and leadership philosophy, Cojourn participants will collectively plan our day-to-day itinerary and camping trip. Together as a group, we'll choose which trails we hike and which activities we try, creating a one-of-a-kind experience that reflects the unique interests and personalities of our group. Throughout it all, we'll learn about the history of the land, each other, and ourselves.  

Day 16

On the final day of the Cojourn, we'll complete our final activities, reflect on our experiences together, and say our goodbyes. 

Cojourn Itinerary

Trip Highlights

Here's what you can look forward to during the Cojourn:

  • Camper-led itinerary

  • Small group size

  • Leadership skill-building

  • Self-discovery 

  • and more!


Enrollment for our 2023 Cojourn experience is open!

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Eleanor Carr, Cojourn Participant

"I found a place with my peers, and I found the person I want to be. Confident, self-assured, but humble and hardworking at the same time. I saw myself for the first time as a normal teenager with the ability to make friends and be liked by other people. I found myself worthy of others’ time, and a leader of others. I found the Cojourn a valuable experience because it taught me to be myself, and it was the perfect in-between for any camper seeking to take a leadership position, especially at Camp"
Image by Tommy Lisbin

About The Cojourn

Since its first iteration in 2014, The Cojourn has provided our oldest campers with a unique outdoor expereince that emphasizes self discovery, leadership, and empathy. The program prioritizes participant agency, meaning that campers co-design and co-lead their own camp experience.  No two Cojourn trips are ever alike! 


Like all Crystalaire trips, the Cojourn promotes connection to the natural world, each other, and ourselves. While the specifics of each trip vary, Cojourn campers can expect to participate in backcountry skillbuilding activities, games, intentional conversation, consensus decision-making, and camaraderie.  Campers will leave with a broader perspective on their community and a stronger sense of self. 

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