North Manitou .HEIC

North Manitou Island

This is the quintessential Sleeping Bear Dunes backpacking trip, on the larger and wilder of the Manitou Islands!

After a quick ferry ride from Leland, MI, participants will get a hefty backcountry confidence boost as we travel smart and light, covering ground, scouting cool secluded spots to make camp, and checking out the incredible variety of biomes North Manitou has to offer.

Ages 12-14

About North Manitou

Dunes and beaches? Check. Geologic features that make you

 feel like you’re on the moon? Yep. Old growth forests? You know it. Abandoned farms and meadows? You got it. Throw in an exhilarating ferry ride and you’ve got yourself a true Great Lakes adventure.

South Manitou Island is Crystalaire Adventures’ second home. We even owned a cabin there before Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore existed. Nowadays, we opt for tents and a campsite, but that doesn’t change our connection to the island! Between the lighthouse, shipwrecks, dune climb and beautiful beaches, there’s no place that captures the history, culture and ecology of Northern Michigan quite like South Manitou Island.



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