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Image by Hennadii Hryshyn

British Columbia

July 30-August 11, 2023

Experience the beauty of British Columbia, Canada on a 2-week backpacking expedition along the Sunshine Coast Trail! 

Trip Overview

Grab your passport--Crystalaire Adventures is going on an international expedition! Join us for a 2-week summer trek along the Sunshine Coast Trail in beautiful British Columbia, Canada! 


The Sunshine Coast Trail is Canada's longest hut-to-hut hiking trail, offering hikers a great feel for the diverse terrain of the British Columbia wilderness. We'll enjoy stunning mountain vistas, plentiful wildlife sightings, and countless cool, freshwater lakes!


The remote nature of this trek creates unique opportunities to practice our backcountry camping skills while enjoying the quiet solitude of nature. Campers will grow as individuals and as a group as we soak up the beauty of this majestic mountain trail! 


July 30 - August 11

Group Size

8-10 Campers

2+ Guides


High School

Grades 9-12



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British Columbia Itinerary

Expedition Itinerary

Day 1

Participants will meet our guides at Vancouver International Airport in Richmond, BC. The group will then travel by van and ferry to Saltery Bay to set up our first camp, where we'll officially begin our trek with an opening ceremony and orientation. 

Day 2

The group will drive from Saltery Bay to Sarah Point campground, the trailhead for the Sunshine Coast Trail, and begin our multi-day thru-hike back to Saltery Bay campground. 


Days 3-11

In keeping with our choice-based learning and leadership philosophy, participants will collectively plan our day-to-day itinerary. Together we'll choose how far we hike each day, keeping the end destination and date in mind. The group will decide which on-trail activities we try, and what food we eat, creating a one-of-a-kind experience that reflects the unique interests and personalities of our group. With breathtaking landscapes ranging from mountain peaks to creeks and valleys, we'll have no shortage of options to explore and enjoy along the way, Throughout it all, we'll learn about the history of the land, each other, and ourselves.  

Day 12

After reaching Saltery Bay and celebrating the end of our hike, the group will travel by van and ferry back to the mainland. We'll spend our final night reflecting on our experience as we enjoy our closing ceremony.

Day 13

On the final day of our trip, we'll pack up our gear, say our goodbyes, and head back to Vancouver International Airport for departure. 


Trip Highlights

Here's what you can look forward to on your British Columbia expedition:

  • Camper-led itinerary

  • Small group size

  • International travel experience

  • Leadership development

  • Warm temperatures (High: 80, Low: 60)


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Image by Joshua Sukoff

About the Sunshine Coast Trail

The Sunshine Coast Trail is a 110-mile backcountry hiking trail located in British Columbia, Canada in the traditional territories of the Squamish, Sechelt, Sliammon, and Klahoose First Nations. 


This trail traverses a wide variety of landscapes, from coastal shorelines to old-growth forests to panoramic mountaintops. It is home to an abundance of wildlife, including black bears, wolves, and coyotes along with hundreds of plant species. Keep an eye out for wild berries!

Famous for its diverse ecosystems and beautiful vistas, the Sunshine Coast Trail is the perfect destination for new and seasoned backpackers alike to connect to the great outdoors! 

Learn more at

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