Manistee River

Come paddle a nice winding stretch of one of Michigan’s most beloved (and sung-about) rivers. Hone your paddling and current-reading skills while navigating around bends and the occasional obstacle. Stop for dips when it gets hot. Keep your eyes peeled for eagles and herons. Fall asleep to the soothing sound of rippling water! 

Ages 12-14

About Manistee River

We will start this trip at the headwaters of the Manistee, outside the old lumber town of Deward. The first stretch of the river is slow and wide, giving participants a day to learn 

or refresh their canoeing skills. Further downstream, it will be a little narrower with some eddies, but the whole river is manageable for beginners!

We will pass through the Pere Marquette National Forest, as well as several state forests, presenting a beautiful backdrop of sandy bluffs, swampy lowlands and hardwood forests. The group will have countless options for swimming holes and riverside campsites!


North Manitou .HEIC

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