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Isle Royale

Crystalaire has been linked to Isle Royale since our former director worked for the Wolves and Moose Isle Royale study in 2013. He spent the summer tracking wolves and moose around the island, which gave our program an intimate familiarity with the most secluded National Park in the U.S. Isle Royale National Park is an archipelago covering 893 square miles in northern Lake Superior. Because of its size and distance from the mainland (6 hours by ferry), it provides a great retreat from the outside world.

About Isle Royale

Some popular sites are the countless inland lakes and streams, Mount Desor, which provides beautiful views of the island from 1,394 feet, and beautiful Lake Superior shores.


The Isle Royale Wolf-Moose project is the longest running study of any predator-prey system in the world. Wolves first appeared on the island in 1948, supposedly by crossing the ice from Canada (although their genetic link to wolves from Northern Minnesota has caused some debate on this topic). Inbreeding has caused the initial population to dwindle in recent years. However, this fall the Parks Service began a reintroduction program to restore the balance of wolves and moose on the island.


All that is to say it’s a very exciting time to visit Isle Royale!


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