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Some of the places we get to play and explore!

The Great Lakes area is a beautiful place, and we get to explore and play in a lot of unique spots.

What parents and participants say

"My daughter talks a lot about the fellowships between participants and being able to share with the trip leaders. She also loved the fact that the leaders gave them the opportunities to lead. What I loved most was the fact that they brought the campers to their level - as peers."
- Parent 2015 Cojourn
“Its not about getting away from it all. Its about getting ready for it all. Learning to live better as you”  
- Micah Leinbach
“I can learn how to do things without being embarrassed if I do them wrong”
 - Former Camper

Camp Lookout

Our sister program, Camp Lookout, operates under the same philosophical umbrella as Crystalaire. What we do in a wilderness setting, Camp Lookout does in a residential setting. Many trip participants start with camp but continue their experience with Crystalaire Adventures. Camp also offers add-on adventures, meaning campers can participate in a session at Camp Lookout, then participate in one of our wilderness adventures.

For more information or to view camp’s complete summer schedule visit Camp Lookout here.

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