Build Your Own Mountain Bike


When: Wednesdays 3:45-5:45 pm

Where: Ann Arbor Senior Center

Age: 14-17

We’ve developed this unique program in partnership with Wheels in Motion. The programWIMLogo-NoBackground is centered on learning how to build and maintain a mountain bike, but participants will gain much more than that.

In addition to building their own Trek X-Caliber 7 mountain bike, participants will discuss transportation, urban development and the challenges and benefits of biking in the Ann Arbor area; plan and execute their own volunteer project to improve Ann Arbor’s mountain bike community; and learn and practice  mountain bike techniques.

The program also includes two full-day sessions on a weekend or holiday. These will be extended group rides or volunteer days- whichever the participants choose! Our first meeting will be on Wednesday December 13th at Wheels in Motion in Ann Arbor.

email for more information!