Who is Crystalaire?

katie-da-mooseYears in the wild have taught us that trip experiences are shaped first and foremost by the trip community . Our guides are trained with mentorship in mind, and we heavily emphasize strong group management and teaching skills.

Our guides are typically in their second year of college or older, and come with guiding experience from a range of other programs. Most are certified Wilderness First Responders and all are trained in CPR / First Aid and have their Lifeguarding Certificate. We actively seek a variety of strengths and technical skills in our team to ensure the most diverse learning experience possible, and are proud of the fact that most of our positive feedback stems back to our guides.

When hiring staff, we look for passionate individuals who have prior camp and outdoor leadership experience. We believe it is important for our staff to have a  good measure of flexibility, solid communication and listening skills, and a healthy respect for the viewpoints of others. We look for creative, people-centered staff members who are capable to take on the responsibility of being positive role models for our campers. 


Our Staff….

All Crystalaire trips will be led by someone with extended training provided by a third-party organization like the Wilderness Medicine Institute. Our preferred certification is a Wilderness First Responder (WFR), which is an 80-hour intensive course covering every major medical issue that presents itself in the outdoors. We also provide our staff with high-quality first aid kits and specific procedures to minimize uncertainty in the field and keep all our participants safe.

For more information, check out our Risk Management link below.

We hire guides with previous experience working with groups of kids, and with experience camping in the outdoors. Most of our staff have had prior experience with other companies or outdoor work. We also ensure that all our staff go through a rigorous 9-day training before the summer even begins. We also have developed an “apprenticeship” program for those applicants who don’t have that experience, giving them a chance to gain experience under our guidance.

If you’re interest in working for Crystalaire, go HERE

Once someone has the right certifications and prior experience, we look to their experience as educators and group leaders. Our staff have diverse and engaging personalities, and teams are put together with the goal of maximizing positive relationships with individual participants. We also look for staff that are able to communicate and teach effectively, ensuring that participants will be able to survive and thrive comfortably in outdoor settings regardless of their skill-level.

There are a lot of ways to have fun. We want them all out in the field. Our staff range from bubbly and energetic to calm and thoughtful, but all of them are committed to making sure trips are as fun and engaging as possible. There is a reason behind this: over the last century, we’ve learned that participants who are having fun engage learning more often, overcome challenges more readily, and come away with a more meaningful experience – our core goal on every trip.