A Crystalaire Adventure is…….


We know that people need a little fun in their lives. We foster non-competitive environments where people can express themselves without fear of judgment. We help people take risks and learn from the outcomes. When the fun stops, everything becomes a lot harder – that is why it is such a priority for us!


We believe in the value of the differences every person offers. In our “trip families” everyone has a voice in decision-making, learning how to communicate their opinions respectfully and effectively. We teach ways to increase accessibility, democracy, and collaboration – critical skills for future leaders – on every trip.


We get outside! People’s environments and surroundings will shape how they act. By putting people in a new and unfamiliar place we give them a chance to express themselves in ways they never have before. Then we try to bring it back to the rest of our lives. As Aldo Leopold said, “in wildness is the salvation of the world.”


Ultimately, our trips are about using wild places to help individuals be more comfortable with whoever they decide to become – our trips foster a sense of identity and belonging, both with people and with places. There is something special happening underneath all that fun. The best feedback we can get at the end of a trip is “I got to be me, and I know who that is now.”