2017 Trip Schedule

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Remember that we are also offering custom “Build Your Own” adventures.

South Manitou A Basecamping – 3 days
6/23 – 6/25, 2017
$275,  ages 9-13

South Manitou X Basecamping – 3 days

Trip is filled, please register to be placed on the waitlist
7/28 – 7/30, 2017
$275,  ages 9-13

South Manitou E Basecamping – 3 days
8/18 – 8/20, 2017
$275,  ages 9-13

North Manitou B Backpacking – 5 days 

Trip is filled, please register to be placed on the waitlist
7/07 – 7/11, 2017
$475,  ages 12-15

North Manitou C Backpacking – 5 days
7/21 – 7/25, 2017
$475,  ages 12-15

North Manitou D Backpacking – 5 days
8/11 – 8/15, 2017
$475,  ages 12-15

Backpacking the McCormick Wilderness – 7 days
6/27 – 7/03, 2017
$1,100,  ages 14-17

Biking the Leelanau Peninsula – 7 days
7/13 – 7/19, 2017
$890,  ages 12-15*

(Please note, this ages for this trip have changed from the print version of the schedule)

Sailing the Great Lakes with Inland Seas – 7 days
8/2 – 8/08, 2017
$1,800,  ages 14-17

South Manitou Island 3 day basecamping adventure

$275          Ages 10-13          3 Days

Manitou A: 6/23 – 6/25
Manitou X: 7/28 – 7/30
Manitou E: 8/18 – 8/20

Lead by Crystalaire Adventures, the South Manitou add-on adventure is a 3 day trip which takes place immediately following sessions A, X, and E.  You’ll leave group-on-the-beachfrom camp on Friday morning and return to the Camp Lookout parking lot on Sunday where you can be picked up, or participate in your 2nd residential session.

A part of Lookout’s heritage – we owned a house on the island for years before it became a national park – we will travel by ferry to South Manitou. Fields and farms, ancient white cedars, and some of the best swimming around are an inevitable part of the trip. Lighthouse tours and plenty of time to become an expert in cooking over a fire come with the territory. A great trip for those who have never gone camping before, or are looking to take early camping experiences up a notch.

You can participate in an add-on trip without attending a residential session at Camp Lookout.

North Manitou Island 5 day backpacking adventure

$475          Ages 12-15          5 Days

North Manitou B: 7/07 – 7/11
North Manitou C: 7/21 – 7/25
North Manitou D: 8/11 – 8/15

cojournLead by Crystalaire Adventures, the North Manitou add-on adventure is a 5 day trip which takes place immediately following sessions B, C and D.  You’ll leave from camp on Friday morning and return on Tuesday to the Camp Lookout parking lot.

North Manitou Island, a part of Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore, is accessible by ferry from Leland, MI. Participants will be backpacking the island, exploring giant perched dunes, inland lakes and wilderness beaches. Camping will be at backcountry sites and cooking will be with backpacking stoves.

You can participate in any add-on trip without attending a residential session at Camp Lookout.

Backpacking the McCormick Wilderness

$1,100          Ages 14-17          7 Days         6/27 – 7/03

This trip takes advantage of Michigan’s largest wilderness area. Located in the western part of the Upper Peninsula. These are places of secret waterfalls andwaterfall-orange hidden lakes. Crystalaire is typically the only outfitter operating in the McCormick Wilderness area, meaning our participants can select whatever route they wish while engaging deeply with the best our curriculum has to offer.  The trip leaves from Moosehall, our base of operations.


“Three generations of McCormick’s, the descendants of Cyrus McCormick, inventor of the reaping machine, held the deed to this area before Gordon McCormick willed the land to the U.S. Forest Service. McCormick Wilderness has recovered from the logging era that ended in the early 1900s. Today, you’ll find a mixture of northern hardwoods and lowland conifers interspersed with small patches of towering white pine, Michigan’s state tree. Moose have been reintroduced here and are relatively common sights by Michigan standards. Other forest dwellers include black bears, pine martens, otters, minks, foxes, deer, squirrels, and hares. Bird-watchers enjoy loons and woodpeckers as well as thriving populations of many other feathered species. Straddling the divide between Lake Superior and Lake Michigan, a region ranging from nearly level terrain to rocky cliffs. McCormick’s water is what draws most 28968931696_c668d27c50_ovisitors, with the Huron, Dead, Peshekee, and the Wild and Scenic Yellow Dog Rivers all have part of their headwaters within the wilderness. Many cascading waterfalls on the Yellow Dog make it unnavigable. The Yellow Dog is one of few Eastern rivers designated “Wild.” Eighteen small lakes add sparkle to the landscape. Trout, pike, and bass live here, but only in small numbers due to the less-than-fertile waters. The three-mile White Deer Lake Trail connects County Road 607 to White Deer Lake where the McCormick estate once stood. Remnants of old, unmaintained trails can sometimes be found, but the rest of the Wilderness is fairly rugged, isolated, unspoiled, and relatively difficult to access.”

Sailing the Great Lakes with Inland Seas

$1,800          Ages 14-17          7 Days         8/02 – 8/08 

Sail Lake Michigan on the schooner Inland Seas and explore Great Lakes ecosystems through original research and curiosity-driven investigations. Participants will become a fully functioning crew member with responsibilities for all aspects of boat operations, especially management of sails and lines. Work together to chart a course and navigate across open-water to Great Lakes islands. Explore island landscapes, discover impacts of invasive species, participate in microplastics research, and contemplate the rapidly changing Great Lakes ecosystem.19729401523_ac9fa52375_o

This is a rare opportunity to get to enjoy rushing over the waves while simultaneously taking time to learn what is going on beneath them.

Join us and make it an experience of a lifetime! A great chance to participate in the historic maritime culture of our freshwater seas!

DCIM118GOPRO    This trip is run in partnership with Inland Seas Education Association.

Biking the Leelanau Peninsula

$890          Ages 12-15*        7 Days         7/13 – 7/19

(Please note, this ages for this trip have changed from the print version of the schedule)

Also, this trip is currently on HOLD! Please contact the office at 231-299-0005 to talk about options.

Come explore one of America’s most beautiful regions while biking the Leelanau20150718_144946 Peninsula and the Sleeping Bear National Lake Shore.

This cycling adventure will start from Moose Hall, our base of operation, where campers are fitted to bikes and gear.  Over the following days the group will ride, exploring towns, Lake Michigan Bays, and various sights along the M22 scenic highway.

Header_4Participants will work as a group, planning their routes, meals, and general schedule of the day. This trip is a unique opportunity to explore the cultural diversity and significant landscape of the Leelanau Peninsula.

Need something different?


“Plan Your Custom Adventure” is our signature custom trip program, where we will work with you to plan a trip following your vision! 

Collaborate with us and craft the trip of a lifetime! Custom trips require as much or as little involvement from you as you want. If you have a group and a goal, let us know and we will start piecing together a proposal for you. These trips can range wildly – we are as excited to try new things as you are, so feel free to dream big. Our trip planning services are at your disposal!

This option is available for all types of groups, including summer camps, families, youth groups, clubs and organizations, or more. We offer a variety of options as described in our trip planning documents in the links below. We are also able to support groups of kids in fundraising and planning, coaching them through the process of raising funds and planning trips.

Contact us for more information!

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